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Step Two

Install Arms

Attach Base to Posts

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Step Two

Remove Rear Panel of Arm Unit

Remove Rear Panel of Arm Unit

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Step Two

Install Arm Unit To Top Post

Attach Arm Unit To Top Post

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Step Two

Attach Head Unit

Attach Head Unit

Get Full Manual

A full printed manual will be included in the container with your RX system. If you'd like to get a jump on things email your sales affiliate for a digital copy in advance.

The Tools You'll Need

Philips #2 Screwdriver
A Pair of Scissors
A 2nd Set of Hands

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Turn On

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Position Light

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Set Timer

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Press 'Start'

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Located on the back of the RX 1

Tilt head at desired treatment area

Up/Down buttons on front of RX 1

Blue button on front of RX 1

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Relax & Enjoy

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Let Red Light therapy help your body heal itself

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Preparing For Your RX 1

• Guidance: A full printed manual is included with your RX system.

You may wish to read through the manual before your unit arrives. This will let you know what to expect and help decision making about location, ensuring a suitable power source, adequate door clearances etc. Request a digital manual (PDF) from your sales affiliate.

• Guidance: It is wise to decide in advance where the unit will be uncrated and assembled –– a large open space is recommended.

• Guidance: Typically a standard adjustable massage table works well with RX systems

• Guidance: Using an optional 'Hospital Grade' receptacle will help protect your RX unit from potentially harmful power surges.

• Guidance: Best case is that your RX be run on its own electrical circuit. If that is not possible, then a circuit with a light electrical load.

Stop sign image

• Caution: Your RX should never share a circuit with larger appliances that cycle on and off such as a Refrigerator or an Air Conditioner.

Such appliances draw large electrical loads when they cycle on –– which can negatively impact the operation of your RX causing pre-mature maintenance and shortened product life.

• Important Guidance: For the sake of your investment, it is highly recommended that a good quality UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) be used to protect your RX's critical electrical components in case of local transitory power sags and brownouts (every jurisdiction has them). Damage resulting from local electrical issues is not covered under warranty.

UPS units can be purchased at Staples, Amazon and similar sources at well below $200.

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When Your RX System Arrives

Once your RX has been shipped, your sales representative will provide an approximate date of delivery.

Closer to arrival, the shipping company will call to confirm an exact day & approximate time of delivery.

Very Important:
Before you accept your RX System from the shipping company please check to ensure that there is no visible damage to the shipping container –– preferably while it is still on the truck. If there is any damage to the container do not accept it.

It's a good idea to note any damage (no matter how minor) on the waybill. Click here for a delivery Check List.

Standard practice is for the shipping container to be left at your door. It will be your responsibility to position it where it will be assembled and/or used.

• Guidance: It is best to unload contents in a roomy area close to where you will be using the Rx
• Guidance: A second set of hands is recommended

• First cut off the black straps and remove the hard white cardboard corners. Then use scissors or a flat head screwdriver to remove the large industrial staples holding the box together.

• There are 9 items in the container:
Layer 1 contains: 1 Small Parts Box* • 1 Rx1 Head Unit
Layer 2 contains: 1 Red Plexiglass Shield 1 Arm UNIT3 Vertical Posts • RX1 Base Unit (with pre-installed casters)

* The Small Parts Box contains: RX1 Manual A Power Cable Screws Needed For Assembly Two Pairs of Opaque Black Goggles

Tools You Will Need

Philips #2 Screwdriver
A Pair of Scissors
A 2nd Set of Hands

Component Images

RX Head Unit

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RX Base Unit

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Vertical Posts

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Arm Unit (back removed)

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Plexiglass Shield

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Hyperplasma Light
Source Plus User

Pre-installed Casters
for Mobility

Post Sections
Use 1, 2, or 3
to set height

Holds Head Unit
in Place

Red Plexiglass
Dust and Fan Shield

Attach Post To Base

Remove and separate the first set of screws in the plastic bag for the top and base assembly.

The only tool you will need to assemble the RX 1 is a number 2 Philips screwdriver.

Attach the First Post to the Base Unit as shown. Make note that one caster (pre-installed) has a locking mechanism.

Three Posts are supplied | 2 x 17" Posts plus 1 x 10" Post.
A Typical Installation: 1x 17" +1x 10" –– adjust as needed for your table height.

An 8" separation between the RX 1 Light and the patient is optimal.

Next Step: Removing the Arm Unit's rear panel to prepare for attaching it to posts.

Remove Rear Panel From Arm Unit

Image of Arm Unit
Remove These Screws →

This is the Arm unit as shipped. A thin white plastic cover which protects the stainless rear panel in shipping as been partially removed.

First, remove the back panel of the Arm Unit by removing the three screws indicated on the left side of this image.

With the Arm Unit's rear panel removed, the pre-drilled holes needed to attach the unit to the top-most post are accessible.

Next Step: Attaching this Arm Unit to the top-most post.

Attach Arm Unit To Top-Most Post

Image of Arm Unit Back Panel

With the rear panel removed, attach the Arm unit securely to the top-most post using provided screws and Philips #2 screwdriver.

Image of replacing Arm Unit panel

Once attached to post, replace the rear panel of the Arm unit.

Next Step: Attaching the RX Head unit.
The Head unit is the heaviest component of the RX system and a second set of hands is recommended for ease and safety.

Mount RX 1 Head Unit Onto Arm Unit

Guidance: The Head Unit weights 45 lbs. This step is best handled by two people.

Image of Arm Unit
↓ Do Not Tighten These Screws

Lift the Rx1 Head unit onto the Arm unit.

Once the RX1 Head Unit is mounted on the extended side arms, slightly push the arm towards the unit –– to slide locking clip into place and align with screw holes (repeat for other side)

Important Note: Tighten the screws on the plates only. Do not tighten the screws on the black knobs attached to the Rx .

image of arm plate
← Tighten These Screws

Next: Attach holding plates as shown. These plates keep the Rx1 Head unit in position.

image of back of RX 1 Head Unit

Next: Attach the supplied red Plexiglas panel to the back of the Head unit as shown. This panel is designed to protect the Head unit from dust.

Image of Front of RX Unit
Remove Packing Material

Next: Remove packing material in front of light –– on the front of the Head unit, do this:

1) Remove top and bottom screws (
on right hand side facing you)

2) Swing glass door panel open

3) Remove the Styrofoam packing material

4) Close door and re-fasten screws

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Appromimate Dimensions: 27" h • 31" w • 20" d | Weight: 138 lbs

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Typical shipping damages

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Use Philips #2 Screwdriver

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Right Side Top & Bottom