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Not All Red Light Devices Are Created Equal


Medical Grade

Medical Grade
Our LightCare RX systems are rated 'Medical Grade' because they are built to the toughest standards of durability, ease of operation and safety. LightCare RX Systems have the longest lifespan for a PhotoBioModulation system available anywhere in the world.

Fully Certified

Class 2 Medical Device
RX systems are government certified by both Health Canada and the FDA in the United States. Our systems are designated as Class 2 medical devices. To gain this level of certification requires a product meet very rigorous standards.

No Consumer level PBM Red Light product we know of holds such certifications.

Best Build Quality

Built tough for a longer lifespan, LightCare RX systems are the most durable Medical Grade Red Light systems in the World.

All of our RX systems are constructed of double metallic solid stainless steel that not only makes them the most durable systems in the world but also does a superior job of shielding EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) emissions.

More Wavelengths

Near Infrared Wavelengths
Our proprietary Plasma-Arc light source and Patented Wavelength Filtration system delivers the optimum PBM Red Light treatment –– allowing only the safest, most effective wavelengths through.

LightCare RX systems deliver the 10 near Infra-Red wavelengths most critical to reaching, activating and treating more cells –– more than any other system in the world.

Top EMC Rating

Best In Class EMC Rating
Best In Class EMC rating means our devices have been certified by Health Canada and the FDA to
operate without interference with other potentially sensitive telecommunication or medical devices at use within a hospital or clinical setting.

This is an important testing requirement for both the FDA in the US and Health Canada. LightCare RX systems holds the highest rating certifications.

The ScoreCard

Solid Design –– Double Metallic Solid Stainless Steel
All-In-One Operation –– No Computer Required
Longest Lifespan –– Durable, Double Stainless Steel Construction

Superior Delivery Light Source –– Plasma Arc Lamp
Patented Wavelength Filter System –– Safer and More Effective
The Most Near Infra-Red Wavelengths –– More Wavelengths, More Cells Affected

Government Licensed –– Both Health Canada and The FDA
CSA/NRTL Monitored –– Safety approvals
Largest Body Coverage –– Widest Available Exposure Area

Most Powerful Systems –– 500 Watts, 50 Joules | More Power, More Impact
Lowest EMC Emmission Leakage –– Electromagnetic Compatibility
ISO-13485-2016 –– Quality Control / Manufacturing Oversight Standards
MDSAP Certification –– Global Auditing and Monitoring of Medical Devices

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