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About LightCare Connects

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About LightCare Connects

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Our Purpose: LightCare Connects is a Health & Wellness Company devoted to making well proven, non-invasive energized light therapy more widely available across North America.

Our Mission: is to make PhotoBioModulation easily accessible to everyone. Bringing well researched, hospital grade, natural light technologies to every health, wellness and medical facility in North America.

Our Vision: is to see the broad spectrum use of PhotoBioModulation therapy in treatment of diverse conditions including, amongst others; pain management, wound healing and helping reduce medical use of Opioids.

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Most Often Asked

Most Often Asked

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1. Natural Light Therapy ▶ Benefits?

• Wound healing post surgery
• Reduce pain from aches, sprains and strains
• Relief from arthritis and reduction in medications
• Increased energy levels
• Heightened awareness and general feeling of wellbeing
• Improved sleep patterns
• Reduce fine lines, age spots and diminish freckles
• Build up lost collagen and reduce cellulite
• Anti-aging effects for vibrant, younger looking skin
• Smooth faces, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper body
• Replenishing loss due to aging and visibly reduced cellulite
• Strengthening of hair and nails • Hair restoration (Males)
• Increased metabolism intensifying:
lymphatic drainage & reducing fat cell size

2. Mode of Action ▶ How Does It Work?

Photobiomodulation involves exposing tissue to low levels of red and near infrared light to repair the tissue, help reduce inflammation, edema and pain. It’s called low level cold therapy because it uses light at low energy densities.

Photobiomodulation appears to have a wide range of effects at the molecule and cellular level. Within the cells PBM acts on the energy of the cell called the mitochondria to increase ATP production.

ATP is then used as a shuttle, delivering energy to places within the cell, where energy consuming activities are taking place. This helps reduce inflammation and affects nitric oxide release to relax the inner muscles of the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure resulting in a healthier cell.

3.LightCareRx ▶ How Are We Different?

PhotoBioModulation is referred to by many different names: • Low level light therapy • LED therapy • Red Light Therapy • LLLT (short for low level laser therapy)

In recent years there has been an effort to clarify naming conventions because they
all are forms of PhotoBioModulation –– using “light” as the energy source.

Because early uses of PhotoBioModulation (PMB) exclusively employed lasers. It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that PhotoBioModulation means 'Laser Therapy'. It does not.

Lasers would better be described as a delivery vehicle for natural light therapy. As the technology has evolved, other light sources such as LED's have been used, and new, more efficient ways of employing PMB have broadened the range of treatment application.

The LightCareRX series has no lasers or LED’s. Our light source is a proprietary plasma-arc lamp. The lamp spectral output is controlled by a filter system to pass only the desired red and near infra-red rays that are safer and can penetrate the skin deeper without irritation or risk of burning.

4. Science ▶ Is There Research Support?

Photobiomodulation has been researched for over 50 years. Today, there are literally thousands of research studies on Photobiomodulation and how it can assist treatment of a surprisingly wide range of health issues –– with new use cases being documented yearly.

Click below for a summary of significant studies from some of the world's most respected organizations, in key areas such as wound healing, pain management, skin restoration, sports recovery and promising early breakthrough treatment areas that bring exciting future possibilities in cancer and opioid abatement. Links to the most relevant are included.

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