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Who's Using PBM Red Light Today?

PhotoBioModulation Red Light Therapy At Work


Photobiomodulation is in use at leading hospitals across the globe –– including the number one and two ranked hospitals in the world* –– The Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic.

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PBM Red Light Therapy is also at work across a variety of practice areas closer to home:

* Source: Newsweek / Statista Inc.,'Best Hospitals' Ranking | 2019 - 2022 -

As more and more people seek drug free alternatives for pain and inflammation relief, faster healing, better sleep and a desire to look and feel younger, use of PhotoBioModulation (more often known as Red Light Therapy), is being widely adopted. To see examples of what's being published about PhotoBioModulation / Red Light Therapy across a range of medical practice areas, Click or Tap Here

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