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Real Life Red Light Reviews

Real Life Red Light Reviews

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Health & Wellness Professionals share valuable insights into PhotoBioModulation

Health and Wellness Professionals

share valuable insights into PhotoBioModulation

Health and Wellness Professionals share

valuable insights into PMB Red Light Therapy

Sue's Red Light Experience | Knee Replacement

Sue | Knee Replacement

LightCare RX Red Light Experience

Note: Views expressed are from an actual LightCare RX patient. Your results may vary.

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Shaun's Red Light Experience | Bell's Palsy

Shaun | Bell's Palsy

LightCare RX Red Light Experience

Note: Views expressed are from an actual LightCare RX patient. Your results may vary.

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Valuable asset to practice

"The RX pain management system has proven itself to be a valuable asset to my practice. I have seen significantly improved outcomes in my patients. I consider it a must for my post-op patients.

It is an excellent complement to Spinal Decompression Therapy. I have a labral tear in my left shoulder and made the decision to purchase the system based on the significant increase in ROM and reduction in pain I experienced after only 3 sessions over 2 days at a recent Parker Seminar. It is now my ‘go to’ therapy in the practice"

Shawn F. | DC
Waco, Texas

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Growing my practice faster

"I am using the RX1 on a far greater diversity of Patients than I thought. Originally, I was only focused on scar tissue reduction for my breast cancer reconstruction Patients but have expanded that to all of my spinal fusion, Raynauds and all of the muscle sprain strain ones.

One of the things I love best about the unit is the hands-free operation. The Patient and I both wear our safety glasses and I can stay right in the room to work on them while the RX1 is working. No need to expand the treatment time to do both infrared and manual work separately. This is growing my practice faster than I anticipated. I have been using it on my face and neck for the collagen building properties"

Dallas Texas

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One word... Miraculous

"I saw a neurosurgeon 6 years ago. My back was in very bad shape and at 50 years old, I was too young for surgery.

I was in intense pain everyday. The only recommendation was drugs.

I use the light device on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Now I’m not even thinking about pain.

One word comes to mind –– Miraculous. I can't say enough. Thanks for all your help. God Bless"

Joseph | Patient

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Results don't lie

"With 28 years of practice experience there has not been a more dramatic change in the treatment of injuries until we introduced the RX Systems.

Patients love the results and the technology gives the confidence that we are on the forefront of medical breakthroughs"

Bob.E | DC
St. Louis, Missouri

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Exciting new treatment

"As a Chiropractor with over 11 years of experience, I have never been more excited about a new therapeutic treatment than the RX near infrared Red Light System.

I personally used the Infrared light at a continuing education seminar and could not wait to get back to the office to place an order. It is giving my patients, staff and myself pain relief without using medication. It is very easy to use, just flip a switch and requires no maintenance"

Majdi O. | DC
Shreveport, LA

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Able to go for a 2 mile walk

"I am over the moon from the remarkable results I am having from the LightCareRX treatment.

I have suffered over 2 years with terrible pain in my upper thigh and top of my back leg. My Doctor was finally able to diagnose it as Bursitis.

I have now had treatments every other day for 7 weeks and can walk up stairs without pain. Actually able to go for a two mile walk, which was impossible previously. And, a delightful surprise…my spider veins are vanishing! Thank you LightCareRX"

Judy M. | Patient
Uxbridge, Ontario

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Non-pharmaceutical relief

"I am convinced that the RX red light therapy systems can be adopted by Chiropractors in their treatments giving all these immediate benefits that patients receive following every therapeutic session.

From a Chiropractor’s point of view with 21 years of experience in the field I see good things in this device. It allowed me to relieve the pain of my Patients without medication and faster than before while avoiding the complications of side effects"

Claude G. | DC
Quebec, Canada

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Relief after each treatment

"The treatment of brown spots on my hands is truly extraordinary, a real change after each treatment.

In case of my knee treatments, there was also a big difference and relief from pain after each treatment. I also recommend the facial treatment"

Micheline L. | Patient

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More feeling in my feet

I was very concerned that the neuropathy issues that I have with my feet, as a result of my Type 2 Diabetes, would severely limit my walking and overall mobility.

I have been using the RX System for about 5 months now…trying to keep to the 4 day a week visit and I have noticed more feeling in my feet. It is easier now to walk than what is was before I started using this treatment and I fully plan to continue these treatments.

Jim L. | Patient
Indiana, USA

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Purchased for skin problems

We love the unit. Though we had initially purchased it for the skin problems, (we are a naturopathic & esthetics clinic) we found that it gave excellent results in reducing muscular pain and in increasing energy as well…

Our experience with the full body machine (RX6) is significantly greater with important improvements in muscle and joint pain, inflammation and collagen/skin related issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

The results for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) have also been excellent. We have seen some benefits for erectile dysfunction since NIR increases nitric oxide, and that is one of the effects of Viagra.

Dr. Daniel-J. | ND.A., M.H., Ph.D
Montreal Quebec

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Shoulder pain disappeared

I believe in this RX system; I felt a real feeling of relaxation after each treatment.

My shoulder pain disappeared as fast as it appeared.

I have confidence in your machine.

Roland T. | Patient

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Walk without walker or cane

After 14 treatments using the RX System device, my pain level has gone down. I have not had a cortisone injection or physical therapy treatment.

I am able to walk upright without a walker or cane, drive my car, do some household chores and join in social activities more often.

The bonus- my age spots under eyes and fine lines are fading.

Joyce M. | Patient

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