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How PBM Red Light Works


PBM Red Light Therapy uses red and near infra-red light
to penetrate 3" into the skin to reach the

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In Reaching The Mitochrondria, Red Light Causes a Bio-Chemical Reaction With
Four Beneficial Outcomes

# 1


# 2


Stimulates ATP Production

Stimulates ATP Production

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Directs Energy where most needed by the body

Stimulates NITRIC OXIDE Release

Stimulates NITRIC OXIDE Release

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Reduces Inflammation Lessens Pain

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# 4


Secretes COLLAGEN • Types 1 & 3

Secretes Collagen • Types 1 & 3

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Speeds Wound Healing • Tightens Skin

Creates New Cells Repairs Old Cells

Creates New CellsRepairs Old Cells

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Helps Fight Cell Loss Related To The Aging Process

Next Generation Regenerative Medicine

Helping The Body Heal Itself

Next Generation Regenerative Medicine

Helping The Body Heal Itself

Red Light Therapy exposes skin to low levels of red and near infrared light to repair tissue, help reduce inflammation, edema and pain.

Red Light Therapy travels 3" to reach the action focus of the cells –– the Mitocondria. There it triggers a bio-chemical reaction that:

• Stimulates Production of ATP
• Stimulates Release of Nitric Oxide
• Secretes Collagen
• Creates New Cells / Repairs Old Cells

• ATP efficiently delivers energy to where it is most needed

• Nitric Oxide diffuses into smooth muscle cells, increasing Blood flow, Lowering Blood Pressure and Reducing Inflammation

• Collagen is at work throughout the body –– Aids Wound Healing, Tightens Skin and Reduces Signs of Aging

• Cell Replenishment promotes good health and is vitally important both when treating an injury or chronic condition, and in combating cell loss related to the aging process

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The mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells. It fuels the functioning of our organs. But, over time the mitochondria doesn’t run at optimal levels and this is when we get aches, pains, inflammation, poor skin, immune deficiencies and other health issues.