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The LightCare RX Formula for the Most Effective PhotoBioModulation Treatment

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We Call This Formula The BIG FOUR

Only LightCare RX offers this 'Best In Class' combination:


Only LightCare RX offers this
'Best In Class' Combination


PBM Red Light Therapy Today

Early uses of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) exclusively employed lasers.

As PBM technology has evolved, other light sources such as LED's have been used, and new, more efficient ways of employing PMB have broadened the range of treatment application.

The LightCareRX uses a proprietary plasma-arc lamp as its light source. The lamp's spectral output is controlled by a patented filter system to pass only the desired red and near infra-red rays that are safer and can penetrate the skin deeper without irritation or risk of burning.

The LightCare RX series provides wide area coverage to maximize cell exposure and is able to deliver 10 different near infra-red wavelengths to allow for different cellular response characteristics.

What's In A Name?

PhotoBioModulation is referred to by many different names: • Low level light therapy • LED therapy • Red Light Therapy • LLLT (short for low level laser therapy).

In recent years there has been an effort to clarify naming conventions because they all are forms of PhotoBioModulation –– using “light” as the energy source.

We use the designation PBM Red Light Therapy.

500 Watts

The most powerful of its kind in the world

Most Near Infra-Red Wavelengths (10)

Deepest Reach Without Tissue Burning

RX-1 178 Square Inches
220 Square Inches
280 Square Inches
Full Body Coverage *

* Largest body coverage in the world

50 Joules

The optimum level of intensity

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