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You've Got PBM Red Light Therapy!

Each LightCare Rx comes with Free promotional materials meant to help get you off to a fast start. Use them all or use them selectively as you see fit.

The launch package includes an impactful Wall Poster, Rack Cards and Brochures with plexiglass holders, a small window decal, an Ad Mat for your use with local newspapers, a Press Release template for local media, a suggested consent form, suggestions for typical fee Cards, a radio spot for use with with local stations and a Digital Video announcing availability of PBM Red Light Therapy at your location.

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Wall Poster • Brochures • Rack Cards

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Spread The News!

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More FREE Promo Pack Inclusions:

A Press Release Template A Newspaper Ad Mat Typical Fee Structure Information A Suggested 'Treatment Consent Form' A 'ready to air' Radio spot and a Digital Video ready to run in-store or on social media.

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Ready-to-go Digital Videos

Use them in-practice or on your social media accounts.

Announcement Video
Customized with your contact info

PhotoBioModulation Explanation Video
Use in office or on social media

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Personalized Web Links

Customized Web Page Linked from your site.

Link to your personalized PhotoBioModulation Info page from your site. The page contains your logo along with a brief explanation of how PhotoBioModulation works and answers questions your patients may have.

The integration with your web site is seamless. The Home Button on your personalized PhotoBioModulation page sends users back to the HOME PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE.

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The 'Getting Started' Promotional Package is FREE | Additional materials can be easily ordered at modest cost

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